Fugazi plays LR (at Mandrake's)
May 3 1990 at Mandrake's with Trusty
Matthew Thompson // Jason White hipped me to Fugazi and then the next thing I know, they're coming to Little Rock! When I listen to their first record, the self-titled e.p., I still to this day think of Jason and Steve Schmidt. I remember only snippets of that show at Mandrake's. I can remember being so amazed by how Guy moved, the way he danced was so incredible and expressive. I also remember a girl with a shaved head, doing ballet on the side of the stage, while Fugazi performed. She just got up from out of the crowd and started doing ballet to hardcore. I thought that was so cool. I can remember how hot it was and how Ian's guitar was dripping wet. I too remember the guy yelling "fuck you" right after that song ended. I believe it was a guy known as "Air Force Mike," actually. Colin Beggs stage dove, I remember that as well. Outside after the show is where I first met Mark Howe, who is the godfather of my daughter, Emma.

I went up to Fayetteville with Mark Dober, Jason and Steve and saw Trusty and Fugazi up there as well. On a sidenote, I saw Fugazi ... (More)
Jason White // A bunch of us Little Rockers followed them to Memphis and Fayetteville to see them on this tour as well. I too had to fib to my folks and tell them I was doing a science project over at a classmate's house until late. It was on a school night.
Richard Matson // One of the first really big national punk acts to grace the backstage of Mandrake's, a line extended around the corner for hours leading up to the show. Fugazi frontman, Ian Mackaye, is hit in the face with a Frisbee during soundcheck, but is undeterred and proceeds to play what would become a legendary show in Little Rock. Copies of a shaky videotape of the show would be passed around for years.
Colin Brooks // I have a cassette recording of Fugazi live at Mandrake's. They played 'Song #1' that night, and in the middle section with the pauses, Ian says "Little Rock" during one of them. I've always thought that was cool. On the same tape I think, someone yells "FUCK YOU" during the quiet outro of 'Turnover'. Ian replys "Sir, Fuck you, Fuck you" etc. The other thing that sticks out in my mind about the Fugazi shows is Colin Beggs from Outlet being the only person to dare stage dive at both gigs. Always during 'And The Same' too.
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