Numbskulz release Pimping Around the Globe
Jason White // This was the original line-up with Shoban Johnson, Colin Brooks, Andy Conrad and myself. We looked in the telephone book for studios and found Crystal Studios in Bryant, AR. Shoban had just shaved a mohawk I think and we stopped to get donuts in Bryant on the way to the studio. He got plenty of strange looks. We were stoked. Recorded in one day. Colin's dad got up early and drove us out there, which was often the case if the band went anywhere. He even helped sing on a chorus. We peddled them in all the major Jr. High Schools in Pulaski County. We used to skate to the mall in hopes that girls would say, "Are you guys in a band?"
Matthew Thompson // I remember buying "Pimping Around the Globe" from Jay Lytle, in the hallway at school. I think I was in the 10th grade, it must've been '88. Jay was selling tapes for them and I was excited to get one. The cover was of their mascot, a skeletal guy wearing Fila gear and a dookie chain, standing on top of the globe. I think this was the first demo tape I'd bought of a local punk band; I think this was the first punk tape I'd ever bought, period. There were some funny songs on there, with titles like, "Supersonic Fart," "Bikini Underwear," and even one called "Fletch," which was the theme song to the Chevy Chase movie of the same name. This was something totally new and fresh to me, it opened up a whole other world.
Richard Matson // In 1988, Numbskulz bassist Andy Conrad was the only real punk rocker at Horace Mann Junior High. Though his punk look was offset by a strange perm job, he had enough leather and safety pins to interest the 12 - 14 yr olds around him in the cassettes of the Numbskulz demo that he kept in his backpack. Between belting out tunes in the school production of Grease, Andy managed to move quite a few copies of Pimpin Around the Globe.
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