DMZ turns into Mandrake's
Ben Mistak // After a week of coaxing my mom very reluctantly agreed to drive my friend Ian Chisholm and I downtown to go see Sick of it All at the DMZ (or Mandrake's, whichever it was at the time). It was the first real show I had ever been to. She almost wouldn't let us out of the car when we pulled up. There was this unforgettable look of sheer terror on her face, like she was dropping us off in a minefield (we were 12 or 13 years old).

The front room was really dark, had a few couches and a big mural of the galaxy on the wall. There were lots of punks and scary metal dudes there -before then I had only seen people that looked like that in the pages of Thrasher. The show was so loud the hair on my arms stood up. It was (and still is) a relatively small space and I think they were set up to play bigger venues. We stuffed toilet paper in our ears to compensate for the volume. I was still in the early stages of puberty and too small to be anywhere near the pit so I kept to ... (More)
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