Tim Lamb publishes Lighten Up!
Jason White // I interviewed Tim Lamb for the first issue of Fluke fanzine. I recall being really nervous talking to a seasoned scene veteran such as he. He was very nice and generous with his stories, etc. I remember feeling the need to pay respects to those folks who came before us. Those who layed the foundation so to speak for us. I later interviewed Ben Sizemore for the second issue.
Tim Lamb // I do look back and wonder what I was thinking, but it was fun putting together issues at Kinko's at midnight! I think I put out 9 issues in the end. Bobby Matthews was the main art contributor. One reason I started the zine around 1987 or 88 was to help put LR on the map nationally, thinking that if there were a zine from here it might get the attention of touring bands, which it did. I was interested in seeing more shows and getting free records to review, all of which happened. Back then there were zines traded through the mail from all over, some being quite advanced graphically and journalistically, but most were just a few Xeroxed typewritten pages about what someone thought of the new Youth of Today record or a review of a punk show. I lost money on it, of course, but it was all done so cheaply that it wasn't much of an issue. Few people know where the cover art on issue #1 was spray-painted ...
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