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Jack (23) - Submitted Tuesday Nov 21, 2006
The music scene in Western New York/Southern Ontario (meaning Rochester, NY to St. Catherines, Ontario - Toronto is too cosmopolitan to be included) is decidedly heavy, tough, cynical, and more often than not, wearing a black hoodie. Often it is on parole for some minor offense. But this should come as no surprise when you reflect on the socio/economic conditions of a town that has been hemoraging (sp) jobs for the past 30 years, is covered in 3 feet of snow more often than not, and has put up with years of heartbreak by well-meaning professional sports franchises. The important local bands that every unimportant local band wants to be include veteran hardcore mainstays Snapcase, and party-like-a-pretty-boy hardcore outfit Every Time I Die.

Whether they admit it or not, every DIY band in the region could legitimately have the word "core" added to their description, be it "Lockport Spaz-Core" (the late Canary In A Coal Mine), "North Buffalo Bar-Core" (the current Thrill Me), "Great Lakes Psychotic Math-Core" (the completely inhuman Psyopus), or "Southtowns Metal Core" (the strangely successful The Red Death). Granted, these are all definitions that I have come up with, but no one in any of those bands could argue with them. The scene also features more than its share of Ani DiFranco sound-alikes, but considering the man herself is in town fairly often, most smart fans go to the source.

To sum it up:

* All-ages shows at skateparks
* a bottle of Labbatt's in one hand and Molson in the other
* ear plugs are for pussies
* bands that "sing" should probably just go ahead and move to California, like the Goo Goo Dolls and Goldfinger (Yes! They are from Buffalo, though we rarely admit to it)