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Alan - Submitted Wednesday Nov 21, 2007
Sorry, Eric, but I grew up in the Pittsburgh area (the Mid Monn Valley, if you want to split hairs) and there has ALWAYS been a scene present in the city, in the suburbs, and even in the smaller rural areas (like Charleroi and Belle Vernon). I don't know where you were looking, but I have shared the experience you did. We put on our own shows. We played in bands and watched our friends play in bands. We rented out VFWs and and rollerskating rinks. We attended house shows and clubs. Always, there was and continues to be a local force present, some band that gets it and feels what you feel. I miss SW PA often and look back on it with nothing but fondness. I think if you had had a clue you would be able to do the same.

Many thanks to God's Green Apples, Flagrant Violation, Smarshmellow Day Parade, Hideous Mangleus, The Bald Vegetarians, Homebound, Chooch, Slaphappy, Gumshin, The Chaldeans (and The Chowdowns), Morgue Mart, Bunjie Jambo, Liquid Brick, Hurl, The Karl Hendricks Trio (and its other incarnations), Io, Sequoia, The Sea, Like Lead, Conelrad, HTML, The 1985, The Pressgang, Aus Rotten, Submachine, Half Life, Split Decision, Necracedia, Bad Genes, Citizen's Arrest, Don Caballero, Donora, T-4, Ten Feet Tall, Rugburn, Catchpenny, Blackwel, Cradle, Fate of Icarus, Twelve Cup, Creation is Crucifixion, Paddywagon, Jumbo, Creta Bourzia, The Cynics, The Frampton Brothers, and everyone else. Only a couple of those sound remotely like Joni Mitchell.
q (22) - Submitted Friday May 25, 2007
If you love Saarbrucken so much why don't you marry it?
Eric (22) - Submitted Monday Nov 27, 2006
Spending most of my teenage years in Pittsburgh there was little to no scene activity outside of folksters singing about "going down to the river" and the kid in your math class that started a power-pop band to help his non-existent sex life at age 17. The scenes that I've come in contact with never took more shape than trying to emulate either Joni Mitchell, or playing a guitar just to get on MTV. Scenes seem to come about more by coincidence than of any other cause. Of all places, Saarbrucken, Germany has had the most dedicated community of like-minded and artistically-inclined musicians. It's a city of roughly 180,000 but Saarbrucken has blossomed into self-sufficient community that overshadows cities more than ten times its size. It has become cliche but it's true: the Internet has drastically changed the landscape of music to where a city like Saarbrucken sports a slew of bands that have been able to play shows internationally and still exist in relative obscurity.