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Al (31) - Submitted Sunday Dec 10, 2006
Kent State University will always be known for the May 4, 1970 shootings but its roots in music, as far as I can remember, was in the local bars, the only bars in the vicinity, for locals and for students. My very first exposure to jazz was at the University's Rattskeller, under age, sitting in the back of a dingy room, and these three guys starting improving. At some point, the drummer, a real laid-back chap, stands up and starts a drum solo, using his sticks on everything ... the brick walls, the columns, tables, chairs. Unbelieveable. Not bad for little ol' Kent. I remember late nights at The Loft and Ray's. And, rumor has it, Drew Carey dropped by the Loft one evening and bought everyone a round. True Ohio love.