National Scene > Daytona Beach, Florida
Calleigh (22) - Submitted Tuesday Nov 21, 2006
My first show was at "The Church" which was in fact a Methodist church that rented out their meeting room for shows at night. In Daytona Beach it was hardcore shows. You know xSxEx, hardline vegans, rigid standards with no thoughts behind them, fucking shit up, a bunch of idiots. I was pretty terrified at my first show. I went with my boyfriend who was like the dark horse of the hardcore scene because he didn't conform completely to their uniform or music taste but he looked older, smoked cigarettes regularly, and was scathingly sarcastic. I was 15 and Against Me! was playing with some other bands that I now forget. This was 1999 so Against Me! was just the two guys, Tom who is still the front man and then a guy who i also forget who played on bucket drums. I don't think I heard the music, I was just aware of everyone looking at me because I was Jared's new girlfriend. They were comparing me to his recent ex, Holly who was the mysterious kind of queen of the scene. I went to a few more shows at the church but I always felt uncomfortable and ended up sitting outside smoking cigarettes to look cool. Jared and I broke up and I already thought those kids were idiots so I stopped going to shows, but then i actually got into "emo" which at that time in Daytona Beach meant emotional hardcore ( i.e. I Hate Myself, Indian Summer, Rites of Spring). My senior year of high school the church wouldnt host shows there anymore and the scene moved to "The Coffee Shop." At this point I went to some shows with my friend Dianna because I actually wanted to hear some of the bands and I became aware of hardcore dancing and the naming of the scene as "the 386 crew" (our area code). One time some kid with a bandana on his face did a kartwheel hardcore dance kick into me. I went to festivals, Gainesville Fest (you can look up "converge riots" and probably find some footage of the festival) Orlando Fest, and some others I can't remember. A lot of hardcore music was coming out of Gainesville at that time through No Idea Records. At the big fests my friend Dianna and I would sit and pick out which "scene" everyone who walked by was from. Daytona kids were the most "hardcore" they only wore tight black jeans, looked dirtier, and would yell at anyone eating animal products. The Orlando kids were more "fashionable," while still being hardcore, their hair would more obviously styled and their black t-shirts and jeans fit them better. The Tampa kids were the ones that were the least hardcore they would wear blue jeans. The Miami kids were the wild cards. Anyways, Hardcore scenes are stupid. They are all about conforming to this standpoint that maybe made sense for Ian MacKye, but the scene kids never take the time to think about anything they do. But I still like to listen to I Hate Myself sometimes.