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Contributed by Ryan Krushenick, Colin Fitzgerald, Casey Kaufman, Tonya West, Jim Lockridge
Rise to Fight at 242 Main
Helicopter Helicopter at 242 Main
242 Main by Tonya West
A camera and an open musical mind give you automatic permission to crawl, careen and carouse just about anywhere. At 38, I would not be the typical person standing in line at 242 Main in Burlington. This venue, the oldest teen center in the state known for its music, art and activism, also brings a healthy helping of metal shows to a state whose cupboards are otherwise packed with jam bands. One Friday in April saw a "Sold Out" sign on the door about halfway through a four-band metal line up with The Wreck, Rise to Fight, I Die Another Day and Black Night Vengeance. This surprises some from the emerging ambient scene, but it's clear that metal in all its welded forms has a pretty solid backing here. Parents and little sisters were seen mingling among talks of upcoming cd's and walls of drums being mounted on the stage. It was an attentive crowd that had a few heads nodding and a couple guys slamming around randomly enough to keep you on your toes. Mostly, it was calm until one defining moment: before launching into "Chivalry is Dead" lead vocalist Ryan Lewis of Rise to Fight "whispered" into the mic, "Shhhhh....I wanna tell you all something....I love you." On cue, everyone responded wildly, flailing about with large over the shoulder swipes at the air and ground. I found the next band's equipment to be a friendly barricade from where I could safely watch love being lashed out against.

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