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Contributed by Ryan Krushenick, Colin Fitzgerald, Casey Kaufman, Tonya West, Jim Lockridge
Pure Pop
Quality over Quantity: Independent Music Sellers Represent Vermont's Down to Earth Vibe by Casey Kaufman
The two most popular independent record stores located in the scenic downtown area of Burlington, Vermont thrive in the youthful, creative atmosphere of this college town. Downtown Discs, which first opened on April 1st, 1997 as part of a larger company called Dis Go Round, went entirely independent a few years ago. It is located on College Street near the popular Church Street Marketplace. Owners Ben and Richard Ross are proud to run the only entirely used independent record store in downtown Burlington. Because all records and CDs are used, the store boasts low prices and a unique selection.

Pure Pop, located off of Church Street, has been around since 1980, when owner John Crandall opened the shop. This store focuses on bringing what is new and exciting in the music scene to the shelves, rather than just selling the hits. It has a very wide selection that is rotated often, so the music is kept fresh and there is something for all different types of listeners. There continues to be an appreciation in Burlington for small shops that demonstrate a passion for music, create a unique, groovy environment, and develop a more meaningful and personal experience for the customer.

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