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Contributed by Ryan Krushenick, Colin Fitzgerald, Casey Kaufman, Tonya West, Jim Lockridge
From Here to There: A Story of a Normal Punk Show in a Normal Town Part 3 by Ryan Krushenick
Imagine the most beautiful release of raw energy that you can put together, that kind that treads the line between angry violence and positive force.

It was watching the best disaster you can see, for none of it was supposed to happen, the show should have been called off, the bands should have been home upset and bored, the kids to see the bands should have been dispersed and long gone, wondering what the show would have been like. Instead, we all ended up right there, right then, and all that I just mentioned, only fueled the fire of an over-due catharsis.

Everyone at the end of that night left a piece of themselves in that room, and no matter where we might be in the world, it's something that will bind us all together. The stories of the show will be told for years to come, and the recreation of it will be attempted time and time again, but for this, for ourselves, we were there, we saw it, we felt it... we breathed it. It was us, it is us.

This is one story of the millions to be told of Burlington Vermont, our town. This is a story of a place, that for two hours, was the center of the universe, and the focal point of life. For one night here, we were seasonless.

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