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Contributed by Ryan Krushenick, Colin Fitzgerald, Casey Kaufman, Tonya West, Jim Lockridge
From Here to There: A Story of a Normal Punk Show in a Normal Town Part 1 by Ryan Krushenick
Talk to anyone in this town, and they will tell you that spring is like a mass awakening from the dead. The senses start to return, faces well hidden behind months of scarves start to brace the air, and eyes wonder at the world as a new born would upon first realizing it's existence.

I had been booking shows at a local bar in downtown Burlington, the shows had been going with great success, but like most things in Vermont, they were forced into a hiatus by what always seems to be an almost endless winter.

It was march 19th. This would be the first show to beat the winter, I needed this show to lift my spirits, I needed to remember why these hole in the wall hardcore and punk rock shows were so important, I needed to wake from sleep, we all did.

I arrived at the venue on early. Upon seeing it, I was instantly hit with a sinking feeling in my gut, something was wrong.

It's the worst feeling in the world to look forward to something so much, and have the overwhelming fear of it being taken away in front of your eyes.

In any other city, this is where several bands and countless kids would be out of luck. In a bigger town in a bigger state, this is where my story would end. Anywhere else, this is where the all too familiar life phrase "better luck next time" will haunt your following week.

Fortunately we are not that city, and thankfully, we are not that state.

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